Our Approach

Creating a plan around your life.

Everything we do begins with a thoughtful, comprehensive and personalized approach to financial planning and portfolio management on your behalf. We understand that your financial planning needs are dynamic and will continue to change. Your advisor will recommend an investment strategy, as well as monitor and manage your portfolio throughout your life stages. You will feel confident knowing that your financial goals, resources and strategies will continue to be assessed, that you will be alerted to decisions that need to be made as your circumstances change, and that as new opportunities arise, they will be discussed with you. Our goal is to guide you toward financial strategies that can help you realize the future — and the life — you envision.  

Our approach:

Planning Phase

  • Learn about you and your objectives
  • Establish the scope of our engagement
  • Collect and analyze data and share expectations
  • Present recommendations and coordinate an implementation checklist

Implementation Phase

  • Define specific actions and expected results
  • Confirm action compliance with the plan
  • Identify potential problems and opportunities
  • Develop solutions and strategies
  • Outline the implementation effort and establish a schedule

Management Phase

  • Review the scope of our engagement
  • Ensure actions taken are in-step with your life circumstances
  • Establish service expectations
  • Conduct reviews on an established cycle
  • Synchronize services with other outside resources (CPAs, Attorneys, etc.)*
  • Provide ongoing support, analysis and recommendations


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*Tax and legal services are not offered by Northwest Financial Advisors.