Retirement (IRA) Savings Rollovers

Keep your rollovers in proper order.

A career change. Sudden loss of a job. A planned retirement. All of these can leave you wondering what to do with your retirement savings in an employer-sponsored plan, 401(k), or Thrift Savings Plan. Making the right decisions at the right time can help ensure the money you worked hard to save continues to work hard for you.

If your employment status changed recently, don’t neglect one of your most important assets.

The transfer of retirement plan assets from one retirement vehicle to another that avoids taxation is called a "rollover" or "rollover distribution." These transfers can be from one qualified employer plan to another or from an employer plan to one or more individual IRAs. Other options may include leaving the money in your current employer's plan or taking a taxable distribution in cash.  Our Financial Consultants can help you evaluate your options and align your retirement savings with your overall financial goals.

Did you leave something important behind?  

Let us help you review your distribution options. 
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